Fracture 1

Original on canvas
20x60 cm

Inquire for prints

Lion Portrait

This piece is available as a print or on various products in my Redbubble store

Emerald&Gold Glow

Gold veins run through this emerald flow. Its like you are looking at a wall of emerald as light shines through the surface.

 45x60cm on Aluminum

Original available for purchase

Forest Family

This abstract on canvas is bursting with color and texture. 20x60 cm on canvas

Original available end of February


Floral Flow

42 x 60 cm ea

on aluminum

Set of 2 

Originals Available

Green&Gold Magic

What makes it Magic?  The colors shifts with light.  As you move from one perspective to another, the greens and blues shift to purple and pink hues for a mysterious quality

Watch the video to see the magic

30 x 45 cm on Aluminum
Framed Original Available

Also available on a variety of products and prints

Visionary Woman

Fracture 8