Recent Exhibitions

Upcoming Project (2024/25)
2024  'Mundum' International Painting Exhibition, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu, Nepal
2023 Nadya Park Solo Exhibition, 優美 Elegance
2023 Second Home Iconic Japan Exhibition
2023 Foreign Artist Exhibition
2023 サンケリー広小路ビル Gallery Fushimi, Nagoya
2023 Global Artist Movement at Toyota Commemorative Museum of Art, Toyota
2023 Solo Exhibition, Masa 21 Gallery, Gifu
2023 Silent Motoyama Exhibition, Nagoya
2022 Masa 21 Gallery, Gifu
2022 Silent Motoyama Exhibition, Nagoya
2022 Global Artist Movement at Toyota Comemorative Museum of Art, Toyota

Artist Bio

Catherine Halliday was born in 1977 in the multicultural city of Vancouver, Canada. She showed a love for the arts at an early age but her love of people caused her to study humanitarian work and pursue careers in human care and education, gaining a certificate in humanitarian work and Master’s degree in Education. She has lived in Japan with her family since 2005. Catherine came back to her love of art in 2019, experimenting with different meduims and finally discovering new ways to work with alcohol inks. She began developing her own techniques as a means to connect with her feelings, and express concepts. Her works tend to convey movement and explore the aesthetics of space and color, using the spaces behind or between as a meditative pause. The shapes in her work often suggest different images and ideas to each viewer to create a moment of self-reflection.


Artist Statement:

There is a kind of magic that occurs between the artist and the material as they guide each other in a kind of dance. I enjoy the journey of thought and feeling that each piece takes me on. With every work created, I embark on a journey of thought and emotion. I approach my art as a continuous learning experience, driven by intention, observation, and problem-solving. As I explore the diverse interactions between materials, I relish in the joy of experimenting with new techniques and mediums. Through this exploration, I seek to understand aesthetics and delve into the intricate ways in which we, as human beings, connect and respond to it.